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Medical Labs

Medical labs send things out for delivery all the time. Blood samples, paperwork, and notifications, are sent out on a daily basis and are all time sensitive materials. Doctors and other health care professionals, not to mention patients, all eagerly await the arrival of such important things. Medical labs can place their trust in our medical delivery services knowing that time sensitive deliveries will arrive on time, every time.


Phoenix Medical Courier delivery services not only allow pharmacies to send important medical documents to others in the industry but private individuals can also select this service and opt to have us pick up their prescriptions, negating the need to leave work early, wait in long lines, traffic, etc. This service works particularly well for disabled individuals who might be incapable of picking up their medicines.


Any delivery that leaves or is received by a hospital is one of utmost importance. That's why it's important to make sure those deliveries are in the hands of a dependable medical delivery service. Take no chances! What really sets us apart from our larger, national competitors is our specialty delivery services. At Phoenix Medical Courier we strive to provide our customers services they won't find anywhere else.