Phoenix Medical Courier delivery services not only allow pharmacies to send important medical documents to others in the industry but private individuals can also select this service and opt to have American Courier pick up their prescriptions, negating the need to leave work early, wait in long lines, traffic, etc. This service works particularly well for disabled individuals who might be incapable of picking up their medicines.


Phoenix Medical Courier is a Same day delivery provider in greater Phoenix, Arizona. Our Pharmacy Delivery Service offers same day delivery of Medical supplies, Pharmaceutical Specimens, Prescriptions, Blood Samples door to door.  We work hand in hand with various Phoenix hospitals and pharmacy’s providing same day hand delivery of prescriptions to the homes of their patients. Phoenix Medical Courier has also partnered with established biotechnology companies to offer scheduled deliveries of sensitive specimens to various laboratories or research facilities.  Our couriers are Hippa and Osha compliant , extensively trained to offer privacy and educated on how to handle bloodborne pathogens. We make sure our clients get real time confirmation of both pick up and delivery, with a digital copy of confirmation sent by email. Open 24/7 every day including weekends and holidays, we are always available for all your emergency, time sensitive needs.

Some Medical Delivery Services we provide:

• Pharmaceutical Delivery Services
• Same day, next day Delivery services
• 24/7 Medical Deliveries
• Pharmacy Pick-Ups and Delivery
• Specimen Delivery
• Medical Courier Service
• Osha & Hippa Compliant Courier
• Scheduled and Routed Deliveries
• Prescription Deliveries
• Clinical Trial Expedited Services
• Hospital Delivery Service